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Aluminium Coated Coil
Date:2017-10-10 / Vistor:7040 / Source:Wisdom Metal Composites Ltd.


Pre-painted aluminium provides a very high quality painted surface in a wide array of colors and textures. It is even available with printed films to give effects such as wood-grain and marble.

Color can be highly matt or highly glossy, smooth, anti-scratch looking. It is also available in different aluminium grades and alloys so you can balance formability and strength. Alucosun offers high qualified coated coil in PE, HDPE, PVDF, NANO-PVDF type for your multi-application.


Alucosun aluminium composite panel adopts only PVDF KYNAR 500 or FEVE paints known for their excellent durability. The superb chemical and physical properties of these quality paints have been well recognized and proved by the worldwide users and architects during the past ten years and now this is still continuing every day.

Alucosun has unlimited color range and versatile finish choices, meeting the designers and architects’ boundless creativity.


Alucosun NANO-PVDF aluminium composite panel is coated by Nano-PVDF paint layer, adding an anti-pollution NANO transparent coating layer above PVDF coating on the front aluminium skin. Except all the remarkable advantages of PVDF coating, NANO-PVDF is superior in pollution-resistance, chemical-proof and self-cleaning.

As the microscope shows, PVDF surface is bumpy while the one of NANO-PVDF is smooth. Thanks to this, soiling and oil can hardly permeate into the surface and the raindrop can easily take them away, sharply decreasing the maintenance cost.


Alucosun wood and marble series combine the natural beauty of wood and stone and the superb properties of Alucosun aluminium composite panel, bringing fresh looks of the buildings. Another critical advantage over the real wood and stone is that the material can be shaped to any requested design.

Two types are available with Kynar paint finish quality applied.This is durable enough for the long-term exterior application while the finish PET film applied is elegant but cost-effective for the indoor decoration.


Alucosun brushed and mirror series permit you to embrace the aesthetic appeal with quality protective clear lacquer, meanwhile, giving you the high performance of Alucosun aluminium composite panel such as extraordinary rigidity and weather resistance. In detail, brush series makes you see the raw aluminium at its best and mirror series gives you a similar reflection as the glass mirror which is sensitive to pressure.

Thanks to the unique effect, these two finishes are quite popular in classic interior decoration and displays. Besides, Alucosun also has anodized look for these two finishes offering the architects creative ideas in exterior construction with long-term warranty.

Alloy AA1100/AA3000/AA3105/AA5000
Hardness H0/H12/H14/H16/H24/H44
Thickness 0.08-1.2mm
Width 1000mm,1240mm,1270mm,1520mm,1590mm,2020mm
Coil Weight 1000-3000 KG
Surface performance Solid,metalic,Wooden,Mirror,Anodized,brushed
Application Roofing,Ceiling,Door,Making ACP,Gutter,Corrugated Roofing
Package Standard package
Delivery time within 15-25 days denpends on exactly size of coils
Payment Term Irrevacable L/C at sight, or T/T

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