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Aluminium Lattice Panel
Date:2017-10-10 / Vistor:9340 / Source:Wisdom Metal Composites Ltd.


Alucosun introduces the new generation composite panels in innovated aluminium core instead of normal polyethylene or mineral-filled core. This new product named aluminium lattice panel is developed by Alucosun for strict requirements of fire retardancy regulations in architecture products.

Constructed by 100% aluminium structure, Alucosun aluminium lattice panel is combined with extraordinary fireproof performance, lightweight and ease of fabrication of composites makes Alucosun aluminium lattice panel an architects' dream.


    Light weight:
    With the innovation of core technology, Alucosun lattice panel has only 4.3kg/m2 weight which is lighter than other materials with the same rigidity. It saves cost in transportation and labor.

    Fireproof performance:
    This structure assures the panel of non-combustibility and makes it more reliable and popular in all façade applications, especially in USA (NFPA285), UK (BS 476-4 standard) and Australia (AS1530.1 standard) where there is a higher requirement and demand on fire retardancy.

    Aluminium lattice panel aluminium core is convenient to be cut and grooved and less wearing on routers. Therefore, it saves your budget and time. It takes on many different shapes and its perfect formability does not affect its stability or flatness.

    Environment friendly:
    Being a member of our earth, we have the responsibility to protect our homeland. Our corrugated aluminium core of Alucosun A2 panel is 100% recyclable. Also there is no pollution during the production and application.

    Product Structure:

    Aluminium lattice panel is composed of non-combustible aluminium core and sandwiched between 0.7mm and 0.5mm thick aluminium (exterior grade of AA3003 or AA5005) for back surface.


    Item Specifications
    Panel thickness 3mm; 4mm
    Front aluminium skin thickness 0.5mm; 0.6mm; 0.7mm
    Width 1000mm-1500mm
    Length 1000mm-5000mm
    Alloy type AA3003; AA5005
    Weight 3.8kg/m2(0.5,0.4/4mm); 4.3kg/m2(0.7/0.5/4mm)


    Test Item Method Result
    Peel strength GB/T 17748-2008 ≥7 N/mm
    Tensile Strength ASTM D638-10 69Mpa
    Shear Strength by punch ASTM D732-10 38Mpa
    Weighted Sound Reduction Index ISO 717-1:2013 22(-1,-2) db
    Fire Rating BS476-4 Non-combustible
    BS EN 13501-1 Fire behavior- A2
    Smoke production- s1
    Flaming Droplets- d0
    AS 1530.1 AS 1530.3 Not deemed Combustible
    Ignitability Index 0
    Heat Evolved 0
    Spread of Flame 0
    Smoke Developed 1
    ASTM E84 Class A
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